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Collision Preventing Cameras

Milford Truck Accident Lawyers at Rhoades & Morrow Fight for Injured Victims of Bus AccidentsSan Diego-based SmartDrive Systems is a driver safety and fuel management company that uses internal and external video systems to collect and analyze driver data to predict and improve performance and lower operating costs. At the National Private Truck Council (NPTC) meeting, SmartDrive announced a new camera system capable of using up to four cameras simultaneously to provide a 360-degree assessment enabling trucks and buses to avoid collision risks.

SmartDrive 360 is a quick analyzing tool. Information from the video system can be offloaded immediately after a collision or incident happens for review by an expert driving analyst. Within an hour, an alert can be sent out to users about the collision, allowing for improved safety. Fleets have been adding more cameras to their vehicles to capture information from side and rear incidents, which account for more than a third of collisions. CEO Steve Mitgang explains that “by capturing triggered video across these additional cameras, fleets can now gain immediate visibility to the highest risk, and most costly events, in and around their vehicles.”

Actions such as swerving, collision, or an attempt at a U-turn, trigger the cameras automatically. Drivers can also choose to start recording manually as the four cameras capture video from all angles, which is immediately sent by the SmartRecorder together with the in-cab and forward-facing videos for assessment. With this information, the company is expecting to be able to provide new insight into which maneuvers may be at fault for a collision.

Multiple cameras allow a trucking or transit company to be proactive when it comes to identifying risk. Besides reducing collision accidents and the resulting insurance claims, the vehicle cameras provide video proof of an accident, thereby shielding the driver from blame. At T.F. Boyle Transportation, safety manager Michael Lasko stated that their drivers have embraced the video-based safety program and the additional protection it affords them in collisions where they are not at fault.

SmartDrive video systems, together with the GPS, allow fleet owners to identify risky driving behaviors and correct them before they lead to collisions. The data analysis tool, SmartDrive SmartIQ, allows analyzation of driver performance by type and identification of safe driving patterns. Lasko says that the additional video footage from SmartDrive 360 provides a “deeper understanding of what happens on the road and which drivers need coaching to improve safety.”

Delivery trucks and transit buses that operate in heavily congested areas are often sideswiped. The expanded four-camera system allows for a better and more complete view, improving safety for such vehicles.

Milford Truck Accident Lawyers at Rhoades & Morrow Fight for Injured Victims of Bus Accidents

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