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CarMax Open Safety Recalls

New Castle Wrongful Death Lawyers weigh in on vehicles with open safety recalls being sold by CarMax. If you are in the market for a used car, chances are you have checked out the inventory available at CarMax, the leading used car retailer in the United States. What you may not know is that a recent study found that 25 percent of CarMax cars and trucks currently being marketed as safe and ready for sale are actually on an active recall list.

The Center for Auto Safety, the Consumers for Auto Reliability and Safety Foundation (CARS), and the MASSPIRG Education Foundation recently looked at 1700 cars for sale on eight CarMax lots in California, Massachusetts, and Connecticut. They found 476 vehicles with unrepaired recalled safety issues.

The recalls include faulty anti-lock brake systems, airbags that fail to operate in a crash or shoot deadly shrapnel when deployed, seatbelts with insufficient protection, defective ignition switches, and engine parts that burst into flames. Unknowing customers are at risk for serious injury and death from these safety hazards that have already taken multiple lives and resulted in hundreds of car accident injuries nationwide.

Response from CarMax

CarMax recently issued a statement claiming that they are transparent when selling their vehicles. The company says they routinely inform customers of any open recalls on the vehicles they sell, and go over the risks involved in driving the automobile before repairs are made. Customers sign a paper indicating that they have been informed, and are given the link to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) website that lists all vehicle recalls.

Even though customers are urged to have an authorized dealer make the recall repairs as soon as possible, some of the parts in need of repair are not yet available. Over nine percent of the vehicles for sale on the recall list have safety issues that have no remedy. Customers who buy these vehicles are taking a risk that can extend from months to years.

CarMax officials claim that they are unable to make repairs to vehicles under active recalls because they are not authorized by the manufacturers to do them. Car safety advocates argue that CarMax can have the repairs made at an authorized dealership prior to sale at no cost to the company.

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) recently issued a consent order that allows used car dealers to advertise their products as safe even when they are under an active recall. The NHTSA currently lacks the authority to force used car dealers to make recall repairs to vehicles before they are sold, even though federal laws prohibit the sale of new cars in need of recall repairs. Used car dealers are only obligated to inform their customers of safety recalls associated with their vehicles.

A recent lawsuit filed by CARS seeks to have the FTC change their consent order that allows used cars to be advertised as safe when they are on the recall list. CarMax could face changes in the way it markets their vehicles in the future when the case is decided.

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