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Holiday Drunk Driving

Bear Car Accident Lawyers weigh in on holiday drunk driving. According to data provided by the United States Department of Transportation (DOT), from 2012-2016 some 300 people died annually between Christmas and New Year’s as a result of a crash with an alcohol impaired driver.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that it might not take as much alcohol as one would suspect to impair driving. In fact, reaction times lessen when blood alcohol content (BAC) is just 0.02 percent.

Below are the CDC’s findings:

  • A BAC of 0.02 percent: Altered mood, inability to perform two tasks at once, visual decline, loss of judgement
  • A BAC of 0.05 percent: Difficulty steering, slower response time, reduced coordination, loss of judgement
  • A BAC of 0.08 percent: Impaired perception, lack of speed control, loss of short-term memory, reduced ability to concentrate

Delaware considers a driver intoxicated if their BAC is at 0.08 or higher; but it is important to keep in mind that drivers can still be charged with a DUI, even if their BAC is below 0.08 percent.

Wait One Hour Myth

For those planning on just stopping by that yearly Christmas party for one drink, you may want to think again.

Although there is some debate about how long a person should wait before getting back behind the wheel after drinking, a general misconception is that it may be safe to wait one hour per standard sized drink.

A standard sized drink is generally defined as 5oz of wine, 1.5oz of distilled spirits, or 12oz of beer. However, this rule is not reliable, and can vary greatly depending on:

  • Body size and weight
  • Food intake
  • Hydration level
  • Type and size of drink

Avoid Holiday Drinking and Driving

This holiday season, many of us will find ourselves attending multiple celebrations where alcohol is served. Although drinking and driving is a dangerous combination all year long, during the holidays people who do not normally drink may imbibe. This means that those who have lower tolerance for alcohol are on the roads.

Additionally, common weather found in winter, like snow and ice, can increase the chances of an accident even further.

For those that intend to drink, planning ahead can save lives:

  • Travel with a designated driver
  • Have a plan to call an Uber, Lyft, or a local taxi service
  • Check into a nearby hotel
  • Limit drinks to one or two standard size drinks over several hours
  • Do not drink on an empty stomach
  • Consider public transportation

Bear Car Accident Lawyers at Rhoades & Morrow Advocate for Clients Injured in Drunk Driving Accidents

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