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Social Media and Personal Injury Claims

Wilmington Personal Injury Lawyers discuss the impact that social media can have on personal injury claims. Anyone who is familiar with various social media sites can agree – giving online followers a glimpse into your personal life can be a positive or negative experience. Social media fosters connections between friends, family, and community. Yet there are times when social media posts can reveal things that might just come back to haunt you later.

If you are involved in a personal injury case, saying the wrong thing or posting a misleading photo on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram can jeopardize your claim, costing you the compensation you deserve for your debilitating injuries.

Social Media Statistics

Social media platforms like Instagram and Snapchat have become a part of our everyday lives. For many users, sharing photos or commenting on others’ posts is a daily occurrence.

In fact, according to The Pew Research Center, more than 70 percent of people in the United States utilize some form of social media. For example, 75 percent of Facebook users visit the platform daily.

What some users may not realize is that what they show online could contradict the information they present in their personal injury case.

Social Media and the Discovery Process

Perhaps it is a sign of the times that social media information has become a part of the discovery process for many personal injury claims. When it comes to social media and discovery, defendants are looking for any evidence that a plaintiff may be faking their injuries, or at least exaggerating their severity.

For example: If you have suffered a lower back injury after a slip and fall accident at the local mall that prevents you from standing or walking for long periods of time, any photo, video, or post suggesting otherwise will damage your claim.

Social media can be misleading. For example, maybe you recently posted pictures of a ski trip that your family took years before you became injured. It will be up to your Wilmington personal injury lawyer to verify those dates and prove that you are, in fact, too hurt to participate in that activity in the present.

Social Media Cautions

Most lawyers working with personal injury clients will advise them to:

  • Avoid discussing their physical injuries and limitations on social media
  • Refrain from mentioning the details and status of their ongoing case online
  • Remove all media related to physical activity and/or travel until your case is over

It is also important to note that it is not only your own personal social media activity that can get you in trouble. Remind your friends, family members, and coworkers to leave you out of their social media posts. Lawyers will likely check the social media activity of your loved ones as well.

When in doubt, take a hiatus from social media if you have an active personal injury, Workers’ Compensation, or any other ongoing legal claim.

Wilmington Personal Injury Lawyers at Rhoades & Morrow Help Injured Victims through the Claims Process

A Wilmington personal injury lawyer at Rhoades & Morrow knows what defendants are looking for and will guide you to make smart choices to protect your claim and right to compensation.

We review your situation and recommend the next best step for your case, always taking the time you need to answer your questions and explain the legal process. To learn more about the legal services we provide for victims who have been harmed by another’s negligence, schedule a free consultation today by calling our Wilmington office at 302-427-9500, our Bear office at 302-834-8484,our Milford office at 302-422-6705, or fill out an online contact form. We serve clients in Elsmere, Seaford, and across Delaware.

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