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Safety Rules for Backseat Passengers

Bear DE Car Accident Lawyers provide safety rules for backseat passengers. Every year, more than 100 people suffer fatal injuries from car accidents on Delaware roads. Thousands more are injured as a result of crashes. Though drivers endure pain from an accident, passengers receive the most severe injuries, especially backseat passengers. Research has revealed that contrary to common thought, riding in the back of a car is not safer than riding in the front. In fact, the backseat can be a surprisingly dangerous place for passengers.

Dangers of the Backseat

When a car stops suddenly, its occupants keep moving forward. Thus, someone who is sitting in the backseat in the middle may fly into the front part of the car, and perhaps through the windshield. Those sitting behind the driver and passenger seats will slam into the seats, potentially forcing the driver and passenger forward at a faster rate of speed.

However, danger of being in the backseat can be mitigated for those who use their seat belts. The backseat is the safest point in the car for children. Delaware parents are routinely told by pediatricians, the public, and law enforcement to buckle up their children and use the highest-quality approved car seats and boosters. As people age, they can tend to get lax about wearing their seat belts when in the back of a vehicle. As a result, injury rates skyrocket among older adults who were in the backseat during car accidents.

Backseats and Belt Safety

Everyone should wear a seat belt when riding in a vehicle. Still, most people who sit in the backseat either forget to buckle up or think it is unnecessary. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety discovered that although 91 percent of people religiously buckle up when they are in the front seat, only 72 percent wear seat belts when sitting in the backseat. Among certain age groups in the study, the younger generation was more likely to buckle up; only 66 percent of adults aged 35 to 54 wore their seat belt compared to 73 percent of adults aged 18 to 34. When taking a taxi or ride-sharing vehicle, such as Lyft or Uber, only 57 percent reported seat belt usage. Wearing a seat belt in the car, regardless of where you sit, is vital and can decrease car accident injuries and fatalities.

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