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Tips to Stay Safe During Memorial Day Weekend

Wilmington Personal Injury Lawyers provide tips to stay safe this Memorial Day weekend. Memorial Day weekend marks the start of warm weather, barbecues, and pool days. Although exciting, this Memorial Day Weekend brings with it some unwanted dangers. If you are traveling, spending the day by the pool, or barbecuing, there are ways to stay safe while celebrating this holiday weekend.

Do Not Drink and Drive

It can be easy to get carried away while celebrating the start of summer but drinking and driving is never a good idea. If you plan to have a few drinks while barbecuing, be sure to have a designated driver or call a cab. Whatever you decide, be sure that you are completely sober before getting behind the wheel of a vehicle.

Take Proper Precautions While Using a Grill

If you plan to use a grill on Memorial Day weekend, be sure there are no children or animals around. Avoid wearing baggy clothes to prevent them from catching fire. Never leave a hot grill unattended and before using it, make sure that it is in proper working condition. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby just in case something goes wrong.

Pool Safety

Keep an eye out for swimmers, especially weak and young swimmers. Also, avoid consuming alcohol before going for a swim. If possible, take turns appointing designated lifeguards.


If you plan to use fireworks, keep in mind that although they are a great form of entertainment, they are also extremely dangerous. Make sure you know what you are doing and keep children and animals at a far distance away from the area where the fireworks will go off.

Sun Safety

Use sunscreen if you plan on spending time in the sun, especially if you plan to swim or engage in activities that will cause you to sweat your sunscreen off.

Travel Safety

Memorial Day weekend is the most dangerous holiday for motor vehicle accidents. The National Safety Council estimates that over 400 fatalities will occur during the holiday weekend due to car accidents. If you are driving during Memorial Day weekend, make sure that your car is prepared for the drive. Fill your gas tank and have your tire pressure checked. Planning your trip ahead of time will give you the opportunity to choose the safest and most direct routes to your destination. You should also keep an eye on the weather to avoid driving in dangerous conditions.

Wilmington Personal Injury Lawyers at Rhoades & Morrow Represent Victims Injured in Memorial Day Accidents

If you or someone you know sustained an injury over Memorial Day weekend, the Wilmington personal injury lawyers at Rhoades & Morrow will help you through the process step-by-step. For a free consultation, contact us online or call us at 302-427-9500 today. Located in Wilmington, Bear, and Milford, Delaware, we serve clients throughout the state, including the areas of Elsmere and Seaford.

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