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Fall Driving Safety Tips

Bear accident lawyers offer clients fall driving safety tips along with skilled representation.No one can deny that autumn in Delaware offers tremendous natural beauty as the leaves begin to change color. However, along with recognizing fall’s appeal comes specific driving responsibilities related to the time of year. Below are some fall driving safety tips that can be use to make sure they stay out of harm’s way and avoid car accidents while navigating the roads.

Be Mindful of Children

Now that children have returned to the classroom, drivers need to be on the lookout for buses and walking school children. Often, children will dart in front of traffic without looking. Anyone behind the wheel who travels around known school bus stops should pay special attention to the needs of youngsters.

Prepare for Sun Glare

Sun glare happens throughout the year at different times of day. In the fall, the sun sets earlier in the evening. Drivers may want to alter their route or travel at different times to avoid sun glare. If sun glare is unavoidable, they should wear proper eyewear and drive cautiously during high-glare times.

Foggy Conditions

Cooler morning temperatures, especially after a balmy evening the previous day, can quickly lead to heavy fog. Fog reduces sight lines and makes traveling hazardous and tricky. Therefore, foggy mornings call for an extra element of defensive driving. Remember that high beams will bounce off fog. Using regular headlights works best when driving through fog.

Run Thorough Diagnostics

Use the changing of the calendar as a good excuse to visit a mechanic for a check-up. Have the windshield wipers checked and make sure everything is running smoothly. Winter weather can come suddenly and no driver wants to be caught unaware or without a reliable vehicle.

Watch Out for Animals

Deer tend to run onto highways and may not be visible until they are on the road. When driving through an area with a high deer population, drivers should always exercise extreme caution. That way, they have time to step on the brakes to avoid a collision.

Drive Cautiously on Leaves

Leaves fall everywhere in the autumn, including on the roads. Slippery leaves can cause the same effect as water, snow, or sleet. Drivers should slow down when they are on roads with leaves. Even leaves that appear crisp and dry could hide soggy leaves underneath.

Stay on the Lookout for Early Ice

When the road gets cold enough, ice can develop rapidly. A tiny bit of ice can lead to problems and cause a car to veer off the roadway. The best way to avoid getting into a collision due to ice is to be aware of its potential presence and drive accordingly.

Bear Accident Lawyers at Rhoades & Morrow Represent Victims Injured in Fall Car Accidents

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