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Can I Receive Workers’ Compensation for Employee Burnout?

Milford workers’ compensation lawyers advocate for those experiencing employee burnout.Stress is a natural part of working, even when people love what they do for a living. However, sometimes stress levels can reach intense levels and employees begin to burnout. When that happens, workers in Delaware may be eligible for Workers’ Compensation if they can prove that their emotional distress is directly related to their job.

Examples of Burnout

Mental burnout involves more than just feeling blue for a few days or wanting to take a personal day off to recharge. A diagnosis of burnout must be made by a physician or therapist and usually takes place over several visits to achieve a diagnosis. To prove that the stress is not related to something other than the workplace, workers must show a direct correlation between their mental health and something happening on the job. Although this can be difficult, it is not impossible and may be worth pursuing depending on the circumstances.

Causes of Burnout

Every employee’s job is unique, which means all sources of stress are also unique. Nevertheless, some common work-related occurrences tend to produce more stress than others. For instance, if a manager repeatedly uses fear to intimidate employees, the employees may become overwhelmed about losing their positions, being fired, or not getting a paycheck. Similarly, a worker may face a supervisor who expects overtime but will not pay, or a supervisor who threatens physical or emotional harm.

Other reasons for burnout can involve harassment and bullying in an office setting, or a job environment that is not conducive to good health. A good example of this would be a construction site that is not properly maintained or safe, leading employees to wonder if they will be hurt.

Employees who feel burned out should speak with a trusted supervisor or human resources representative before taking legal action or placing a Workers’ Compensation claim. That way, they can show that they took action to mitigate their heightening stress in case the company does not response.

Workers’ Compensation and Burnout

Proving that burnout is directly linked to a job can be difficult. Still, it may be worth it for certain employees to work with a Workers’ Compensation attorney to find out if they should try to place a claim for benefits. Attorneys familiar with Workers’ Compensation law can help individuals understand how others in their situation have dealt with similar problems. They can also give recommendations on the documentation necessary to increase their chances of receiving benefits.

Milford Workers’ Compensation Lawyers at Rhoades & Morrow Provide Representation to Employees Experiencing Burnout

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