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Halloween Safety for Children

Delaware personal injury lawyers advocate for those injured on Halloween and offer tips for keeping children safe.For most families, trick or treating means costume hunting, high anticipation of the neighborhood walkaround, and a load of candy to devour at the end of the night. Yet, like all holidays, Halloween offers unique concerns that cause parents to worry. On the bright side, Halloween safety issues can be mitigated often by a little forethought. A bit of preparation can pay off by ensuring that the only thing spooky about the night is the faux stuffed ghoul sitting on the porch swing, instead of potential accidents.

Dress for the Part

When children imagine their perfect Halloween outfits, they might not consider how risky some accessories can be. Plastic swords and daggers, as well as masks that obstruct vision, can lead to bumps, falls, and other physical injuries. Every costume should be evaluated for its safety value. It should also be warm enough if trick or treating will be in cold temperatures, as well as protective against rain and wind.

Visit Well-Known Neighborhoods and Communities

Halloween is not the night to get too adventurous and head into an unknown neighborhood. Children and parents should stick to areas they know well. Ideally, the streets will be well-lit and lots of homes will participate in handing out candy and goodies. The more involved homeowners are, the more likely they can make sure children who visit them are safe and have fun.

Wear Something Bright and Reflective

Trick or treating takes place during the evening hours. Everyone should try to wear reflective gear in the form of footwear, a hat, or a vest. This allows passing motorists to see trick-or-treaters in time to put on the brakes. Children may dart across streets out of excitement. Being outfitted in reflective items gives them an added measure of security and protection.

Assign an Adult to Escort the Kids

At least one responsible adult should supervise a group of children. That way, if something does go wrong, the adult can take the lead immediately. Even young teens should have a parent tag along, just in case.

Toss Out Treats in Open Containers

It can be tough for a child to make good decisions about candy, so parents need to take the lead and examine all treats before allowing their children to eat them. Any goodies with opened wrappers must be discarded. This lowers the risk of youngsters taking in tampered food items or food that has gone bad.

Steer Clear of Pumpkins with Real Candles

Flames can destroy more than the inside of a pumpkin; they can also cause fires to costumes, trick-or-treat bags, and personal property. If children are visiting a house with a carved pumpkin that has a real candle, parents need to make sure they stay away from the decoration. Otherwise, they could get in harm’s way.

Delaware Personal Injury Lawyers at Rhoades & Morrow Advocate for Those Injured on Halloween

Every parent wants Halloween to be filled with fun. However, if your trick or treating goes awry and someone gets hurt, you may want to talk with a Delaware personal injury lawyer at Rhoades & Morrow right away. Call us at 302-427-9500 or contact us online for a free consultation. With offices in Wilmington, Milford, and Bear, Delaware, we represent clients throughout the state, including the areas of Seaford and Elsmere.

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