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Steps to Reduce Workplace Injuries

Wilmington work injury lawyers discuss steps to reduce workplace injuries.Besides the obvious harm to an employee injured on the job, workplace injuries hurt businesses in many ways: reduced productivity, morale, costs of training a temporary or permanent replacement for the injured employee, and the loss of time dealing with Workers’ Compensation claims and insurance.

Fortunately, there are a few smart practices that businesses can implement to help prevent injuries in their workplaces.

Have a Safety and Wellness Plan in Place

Companies should implement a plan to address safety and wellness measures for all employees. Having a company policy that places value in maintaining a heathy workforce encourages a buy-in from employees that creates a culture of making health and safety a priority at all levels.

Pre-screen Job Candidates to Determine Best Placement

During the hiring process, applicants should be screened by a health professional to adequately assess their fitness for the job at hand. A physical evaluation can determine if the applicant can perform the job duties required, as the inability to do so puts the potential employee at risk for injury.

Provide Adequate Training

Training new employees on how to safely perform the job is a must. It can be just as vital to revisit safety protocols with re-training sessions for established employees. Ongoing training may introduce new safety techniques, or simply keep safety on the minds of workers who may otherwise become complacent.

Enforce the Use of Proper Safety Equipment and Practices

Provide safety equipment, such as gloves, hard hats, protective eyewear, and ear plugs to preserve hearing. Enforce the use of safety equipment with reminders, postings, inspections, and a culture that requires compliance.

Insist on a Tidy, Uncluttered Workplace

Accidents occur more often when the workspace is messy. An organized workplace is not only an effective workplace, it is also a safe one.

Maintain Work Equipment and Vehicles

Ensure that work equipment and vehicles are inspected regularly and that all repairs are made as soon as they become necessary.

Hire Enough Staff

Overburdened workers cut corners and overworked employees burn out. Understaffed businesses run the risk of undermining safety.

Get Everyone Onboard with Safety

Let your staff help keep each other safe. Encourage all staff to report instances where safety protocols are being overlooked or disregarded.

Remain Open to New Ways to Improve Safety

Flexible and ever-evolving safety standards keep companies mindful of the overarching importance of safety to their business goals.

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