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Types of Factory Worker Injuries

injured factory workers

Millions of part-time and full-time employees work in factory settings around the nation. Every day, factory workers put themselves at risk for being injured. In fact, factories are notorious for being hazardous work environments. Due to heavy machinery, moving parts, and slippery surfaces, factory environments have earned a reputation as being quite dangerous. Several types of work-related injuries are more likely to occur in factory settings than in any other workspace.

Getting Stuck

When a worker must navigate between moving machine parts, the worker may become caught in the machine. Sometimes, the worker cannot stop the parts quickly enough to avoid being crushed or stuck. These types of accidents can lead to anything from amputation to broken bones.

Strains and Sprains

Muscle sprains, strains, pulls, and tears may occur in factory workers that engage in repetitive actions. As employees move their bodies to accommodate their tasks, they may irritate and over-exert muscles and tendons. Over time, these injuries can become problematic, leading to a lifetime of aches and pains.


Falling accidents can occur for several reasons. Factory workers can easily fall because they often work in high areas and walk along slick floors. At best, falls can result in bruises or soreness. However, more serious falls can cause extensive trauma and head injuries. A concussed factory worker may not be able to return to the floor for days or weeks, if at all. This depends on how the concussion manifests.

Back Pain

Just about everyone experiences a back pain. Factory workers are more inclined  to experience consistent and excruciating back pain. Whether the pain stems from injury to the lower, middle, or upper back, it can become the source of a serious debilitation. Workers may require extensive back surgery and physical therapy to relieve their constant discomfort.

Loss of Hearing

Factories are well-known for being noisy places. If decibel levels exceed acceptable ranges, workers must wear personal protective devices, like designated ear plugs. Yet, employees may still develop hearing loss after working in a factory for many years.

Poisoning and Illnesses

Some manufacturing employees may be exposed to substances that can lead to poisoning and illnesses. Any factory workers who encounter chemicals or toxins need to wear the proper protective gear. Individuals who wear proper gear can still experience medical problems related to constant exposure.

Recourse After Injury

Factory workers who have been hurt on the job should be protected by Workers’ Compensation benefits. Employees who receive compensation may feel their injuries were caused by employer negligence. It is important to take necessary steps to file a lawsuit.

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