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Machine Identifies Medication Errors

prescription drug errors

Despite having extensive medical knowledge, doctors can make mistakes. Even if the mistakes are unintentional, it can lead to disastrous consequences and medical malpractice suits. If a doctor prescribes the wrong drugs, it can lead to a multitude of medical issues for the patient or even death.

Fortunately, advanced technology helped create a machine learning system. The system uses outpatient data and former clinical decision support systems to generate medical alerts.

According to data, the system made strides in alerting doctors of the medical errors. In fact, the system identified 68.2 percent more medical errors than former machines.

Ultimately, the machine learning system helps promote patient safety and helps to prevent the losses that stem from drug errors. Machine learning technology is becoming more common in the medical field, leading to a brighter future for both doctors and patients.

Current Clinical Decision Support Systems

There are similar technologies already in use. Although these technologies can help doctors avoid mistakes, they are not always perfect. The data it uses to identify medical errors often gives false positives. This can lead physicians to make critical mistakes.

The Dangers of Prescription Drug Errors

According to the FDA, there are around 100,000 prescription drug error reports each year; this is a huge concern. Medication errors can put patients’ lives at risk and put doctors in a difficult position as well. It can even lead to higher rates of morbidity and mortality.

Tips to Avoid Prescription Drug Errors

Although it is ultimately the doctor’s job, there are a few ways to avoid being the victim of a drug error. Safety tips include asking questions, doing research, and inspecting the prescription bottle.

Ask Questions

Ask medical professional a lot of questions about the prescribed drug, including questions regarding dosage, side effects, and whether the drug could interact with other medications. This helps to ensure that the patient and the doctor are on the same page.

Research Prescribed Drugs

Patients should research prescribed drugs before consumption. Patients are encouraged to research online and talk to their pharmacist. This helps patients be informed about the drugs they are taking.

Inspect Prescription Bottles

Patients should look at prescription bottles after receiving medications. It is important that the drug’s name is the one expected. Similarly, patients should ensure that the dosage is the same amount that the doctor prescribed. This helps avoid any mistakes that a medical practitioner might make.

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