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Drive Safely This Spring

drive safely

Spring is almost here and with it comes warmer weather. While drivers no longer have to worry about snow or ice on the road, there are still risks that drivers should be aware of, including some that are unique to this season. Knowing the risks and engaging in safe driving behaviors can help drivers avoid spring-related car accidents.

Potholes Increase in Spring

Road surfaces become damaged during the winter season. Ice, salt, sand, and snowplows can weaken asphalt and dislodge large chunks, creating numerous potholes. Even a small pothole can knock wheels out of alignment or damage tires. Drivers should avoid potholes whenever possible, and make sure that their tires are properly inflated, this can help to minimize damage. Winter road conditions also lead to more construction in the spring, so drivers should proceed with caution in areas where road work is being done.

Watch for Pedestrians

When temperatures rise, pedestrian accidents become more frequent. More people may opt for two-wheeled transportation, such as bicycles or motorcycles. Drivers should be prepared to share the road, especially when entering intersections. More pedestrians are out in the spring, so drivers should use caution when turning, and make sure to yield when pedestrians have the right-of-way.

Animals also emerge in the spring and may dart out onto the road, forcing drivers to swerve or stop suddenly. Staying alert can help to minimize accidents caused by animals.

Spring Weather Hazards

Spring has its own weather pattern that makes driving difficult. Many areas experience heavy rain in the spring, which can impact visibility and cause large puddles to accumulate. Rain can make road surfaces slick and may cause cars to hydroplane. Drivers should increase their following distance and decrease their speed when driving in the rain, and if conditions become too dangerous, they should pull over until it is safe to drive. Heavy rain can also cause flooding, so drivers may have to avoid some areas altogether to prevent damage to their vehicle.

Some regions experience hailstorms in the spring, which can impede driving and force drivers off the road. Spring also brings seasonal allergies for many drivers, and the medications to treat them can cause drowsiness. Drivers should know how allergy drugs will affect them before they get behind the wheel.

Check the Condition of Your Vehicle

It is important for drivers to make sure their vehicle is in good condition, especially if it was not used much during the winter. Drivers should take the season change as a cue to check their cars and make sure that tires, brakes, and lights are working well.

Wiper blades often need to be replaced if they get worn out during the winter. If there are any rust spots on the car, they should be treated immediately before they become a bigger problem.

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