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Swimming pools, oceans, lakes, rivers, and ponds offer a refreshing break from the heat. Lifeguards, maintenance personnel, and construction workers that work in and around these bodies of water help keep the public safe from drowning and other dangers associated with the water; however, their jobs are not risk free. Lifeguard and pool worker injuries […]


On July 11, 2019, Rhoades & Morrow was a sponsor in the Chamber of Commerce for Greater Milford’s annual golf outing held at The Rookery North in Milford, DE.   The Chamber supports economic development in the Greater Milford area by promoting civic, educational, social and quality of life interests of the community.  Currently, attorney Stephen […]


Despite being outlawed in many areas, the use of fireworks results in numerous deaths and more than 10,000 injuries every year. Most of these accidents are due to improper use or product malfunction. Gathering to watch a firework display has become an Independence Day tradition all over the United States. For many people, putting on […]


Among commercial truck drivers, distracted driving is the second leading cause of fatal crashes. Hands-free cell phone use is often touted to prevent drivers from becoming dangerously distracted behind the wheel, yet, it may also be interfering with safe driving. One recent study found a surprising and risky connection between hands-free phone use and other […]


For many families, summertime means a trip to a water park. While most people associate water parks with fun and relaxation, personal injury lawyers know they can also become accident sites. It is not difficult to imagine all the ways that a patron could get hurt or even killed in a water park environment. Some […]



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