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The Delaware Department of Transportation (DelDOT) is overseeing the installation of a new cable guardrail on Delaware Route 1. The 11.5-mile rail will be placed from Smyrna to Odessa, and is a portion of a larger, $8.5 million project to place high-tension cable on the highway. The cable project started on December 17. According to the […]


Construction workers rely on their tools – yet these devices are often the cause of serious accidents. According to Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) surveys, close to 400,000 yearly emergency room visits are caused by power tools and other work tools. Powered hand tools like drills come in […]


Anyone who has experienced a motor vehicle accident probably remembers feeling “out of it” immediately afterwards. This lightheadedness is partly due to the human body’s physiological response to the shock and strain; it produces more adrenaline, which can temporarily lessen the physical pain. The trauma of a car crash can make it hard for victims […]


Anyone who is familiar with various social media sites can agree – giving online followers a glimpse into your personal life can be a positive or negative experience. Social media fosters connections between friends, family, and community. Yet there are times when social media posts can reveal things that might just come back to haunt […]


Nerve damage is a common type of workplace injury that many employees suffer from. This type of injury may occur immediately after a trauma or over time. If you have developed nerve damage or a repetitive stress injury on the job, you may be wondering who the responsible party is and whether you are eligible […]



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