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When anyone gets into a car and drives on the roads and highways, there is always a risk that they will be involved in a car accident. No matter how safe you think you drive, or how much of a defensive driver you try to be, there are always reckless, careless, and negligent drivers sharing […]


The construction industry is one of the most dangerous fields for workers, and one with the highest level of worker fatalities. Construction work is physically and mentally demanding, and without periods of adequate rest, workers can suffer fatigue, which can be especially risky in such a dangerous environment. For each hour of physical exertion without […]


With so much traffic on our roads and highways, it is not surprising that we see so many accidents caused by road debris. When a car runs into something discarded in the middle of the road, it can cause the driver to lose control of their vehicle and crash, veering off the side of the […]


Despite all the major strides made in recent years with road and vehicle safety, car accidents are still common. Delaware certainly sees its share of accidents, with an estimated 26,000 crashes per year with more than 8,500 people injured in those crashes. No single crash is the same as the other, including how accident victims […]


Working in the construction industry is not an easy thing to do – with the fast-paced environment of many people doing different things at the same time, it is no wonder that the construction industry ranks near the top in terms of workplace accidents every year. Ladders are commonly found in the construction industry, but […]



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