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Warm weather means more cyclists are on the road, and unfortunately, it also means an increase in the number of accidents sending cyclists to the emergency room. The Beebe Healthcare’s Emergency Department reports treating more than twice the number of trauma cases involving cyclists so far this year than it did over the same period […]


All work can become stressful. However, when work-related stress becomes an everyday occurrence that affects an employee’s quality of life, the employee may want to consider filing for Workers’ Compensation benefits. While getting approved for Workers’ Compensation benefits because of work-related stress can be challenging, employees have been successful under certain circumstances. First, it is […]


Drivers tend to take their headlights for granted. If the lights work, they concentrate on other components, such as the amount of gas in the tank or the squeak they hear from the brakes. Yet, headlights are a critical safety feature in vehicles and are starting to get more press. Unfortunately, American headlight technology remains […]


Workers’ Compensation benefits are available to workers who become ill or injured in a work-related accident. Work-related conditions can be injuries resulting from a single, isolated incident, or a chronic, long-term illness caused by ongoing conditions or environmental factors at the job site. Occupational diseases are caused by exposure to a host of different clinical, […]


A gas company worker has died as the result of a shooting that happened in Wilmington on Monday afternoon. Two contractors from Delmarva Power and Light Company were working on a gas main when they were shot. Each gas company worker was taken to area hospitals, where one remains but is now listed in stable […]



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