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Extreme weather is a generally used term that refers to any unusually bad weather. It could be a downpour, blizzard, or flooding. Extreme weather may also include wind and hail storms associated with the tornados that often affect motorists in states like Texas, Oklahoma, and Kansas, though wind and hail could affect any driver anywhere. […]


Neck injuries are potentially deadly, and always scary to deal with. You could suffer a relatively minor and common neck injury that makes it feel like you broke your neck. You also could suffer a serious neck injury that does not feel particularly painful or endangering, but the result could become deadly without medical treatment. […]


Social media platforms have transcended their social boundaries. In just the last two years, for instance, the way to hunt for a good job has changed. Reputable companies are now screening your qualifications on social media platforms before even contacting you. Similar actions are being taken in many industries for many reasons, one of which […]


Utility workers or power line workers are one of the most essential workers in our country. They keep the electricity flowing. Without electricity, our communities and society would shut down and many people would be harmed and injured. Even though the job is extremely important, being a utility worker is one of the most dangerous […]


While a car accident can happen at any time and place, accidents often increase in both frequency and severity during traffic congestion. Even a minor fender bender can leave you with a need for costly car repairs, and possibly even medical bills. If you are not at fault for the accident, you may be able […]



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