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Nursing Home Abuse

Delaware Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers

Injury Lawyers for Elder Care Neglect

A nursing home is supposed to provide the medical attention and level of care that your family cannot. It is unforgivable for your elderly or disabled loved one to suffer harm through abusive or substandard care. Yet it happens all too often.

Elderly victims often cannot report these shocking situations themselves, or may be intimidated or embarrassed to do so. Family members may be concerned about unexplained accidents or injuries, or sudden changes in behavior, but are unsure what to do about it.

If you suspect an injury, serious illness or death resulted from nursing home negligence or neglect, the lawyers at Rhoades & Morrow can help you determine if abuse is taking place and hold the facility accountable for the care your loved one deserves. Our attorneys handle nursing home cases in New Castle County and throughout Delaware. Contact us for a free case evaluation.

Experienced Lawyers in Nursing Home Abuse Claims

By law and any standard of decency, nursing home residents deserve quality medical treatment, attentive personal care and the comforts to die with dignity. Many privately owned care centers may not be adequately staffed or managed to deliver the mandated level of care. Those facilities are accountable for monetary damages for wrongful death, preventable harm and needless suffering such as:

  • Bedsores from laying in one position for long periods
  • Dehydration and malnourishment
  • Falling accidents from lack of assistance or safety measures
  • Injuries from elopement (wandering off)
  • Physical or sexual abuse
  • Undiagnosed illness or medication errors

Bear Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers at Rhoades & Morrow Advocate for Families

Over the years, we have assembled a network of medical and nursing care experts who can review the records and testify to the negligence, neglect or abuse. Our legal team can investigate similar incidents, the background of medical and non-medical personnel, and other indications of substandard care. These cases are often settled by arbitration under provisions of the nursing care contract. Our role is to hold the facility accountable and ensure compensation for medical intervention, pain and suffering, and lasting harm.

For a free initial consultation with an experienced Bear nursing home negligence lawyer at Rhoades & Morrow, call our Wilmington office at 302-427-9500 or contact us online. We also have an offices in Bear and Milford for your convenience. We can arrange evening and weekend appointments, as well as home or hospital visits.


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